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Abolutely perfect! This is the first timer I have seen that will tell you how long it’s been since the timer ended, a feature I have been looking for. The only suggestion I would make would be to allow reusing timers. If I create a 15 minute timer for Pizza, I would want to be able to use that same timer again, instead of recreating it each time.

Brilliant idea and execution!

Brilliant idea and execution! Exactly what I wanted from a macOS timer app. I only wish I had thought of it first!

Fantastic customer support

When software you rely on doesn’t work as expected it can really throw a monkey wrench into your day. That was the case with Gestimer this weekend. So I emailed the developer on Sunday, got a prompt response and by Monday morning he’d sent me a solution that worked. This kind of attention to detail really makes my day. Many thanks!

Yes, just yes.

The people who rated 1 star are just being haters. *Update* (May 6, 2018) Please make it possible to restart a timer that you set, that way you don’t have to re-type it. Also, please make it possible to edit timers once they have been set, or after they have expired.

I absolutely love this app

The interface is so uniquely awesome, I love using it!

needs to loop reminder sound

This app is pretty slick, but when a timer expires there is just a brief sound. If you’re not in the room, or near your computer, you will probably miss it. Sure, you might notice the little window that popped up in the top corner…or not. I have many windows open and will likely not see it if I just returned from another room for example. What would make this app 5-stars in my opinion, is if there was an option to repeat/loop the sound until I acknowledge/close it. I also emailed the developer, so hopefully they can add this feature. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice app. But if you need to set a reminder that is very important (take something out of the oven, go to the bus stop to get your kid, etc.) then I wouldn’t rely on this app to get your attention unless you are staring at your screen.

Simple. Reliable. Effective.

Wow. An amazingly simple concept, perfectly implemented. Click on the toolbar icon. Drag down. Enter the reminder. Go on about your business. The process could not be more simple nor more elegant.

So simple

Just love this app!! So quick and easy to set a timer. Using this every day!! Can’t wait until there are a few mor options like different sounds etc.

UPDATE: It works now! And I’m delighted!

Crashes every time I try to open preferences. Kind of bummed, since feature-wise this looks great. Will update if it gets fixed. —— Update 2018-04-06 - latest patch fixed my crashing problem, and after using it for just a little bit at work, I am delighted at it’s simiplicity and power. While I might quibble about small things (I’d love a little control over sounds/alerts, for example), this is doing exactly what I have needed a timer app to do, and I am delighted.


Very responsive develloper, emailed work around for bug that was causing app to crash while Appstore was processing submitted patch

Steve Would Be Proud

Does the one thing you want it to do with a simple, perfect interface.

Really Great App

I like the ability to make small timers so easily. The countdown on the toolbar is also helpful to reference when you want to know how long it is until the next timer runs out. My big issue is that the countdown seems to have a nasty habit of disappearing on me particularly if I delete one of my set timers. I can still see how much time I have if I click on it, but I’m hoping that gets remedied in a future update.

Couldn’t be simpler or more elegant

Really, for $4 this is a no brainer. Incredibly easy implementation for quick reminders. It’s always encouraging to find new ways of thinking about apps and their use, and the developer has a win here.

Simple & Perfect!

I never leave reviews but this is just the best! It’s simpe and usable. The other Timre apps I have tried make it far too complicated!!! Great Job!

Very well done

The best basic timer app I’ve found, and I’ve tried a lot. Great job.

Wonderful and easy to use

Great little timer, that is easy and very fast to use. It took me a few minutes to understand how it worked, but it is very intuitive.


I don’t leave alot of review, but when something just works and I’ve tried others, I think one should leave a review. It just works, simple, yet has the features I wish it had. Optional countdown in the menu bar, ability to give a reminder a title, sync reminders and notifications. My only issue is I can’t seem to set a reminder under 10 minutes, I see on the developers very good FAQ page that it’s a comming feature, I guess I’ll wait to be pleasantly surprised. Feature request: Menu icon and countdown turn red when the counter is in action (don’t know if that’s possible, but I have other menu icons that have great colors).

Quick Response from developer

I really appreciate the quick response I got from the developer!

Just what I wanted

Amazingly simple and intuitive. You can make a number of overlapping reminders without having to use those clunky date/time dropdown lists or calendars that most other apps offer. It’s perfect for not breaking your attention to whatever task you're focused on, because you barely have to think to use this tool.

Perfectly Simple

What I love about you: you sit in my menu bar, it’s quick and easy to pull down the icon to set a timer, and that it also shows in the menu bar how much time is left. You’re perfect!

Great app

Purchased this app back in October 2015 and using it on a daily basis since. Love it. Simple, unobtrusive, and intuitive. The different ways to snap the timer (Shift, Option, etc) when you create it is a great option!

Seriously. Get it.

My mind runs all over the place and this app is a simple and efficient means to make quick reminders. I’m practically attached to my computer and I never miss anything because I can make a reminder in an instant. If you are ADHD or have any attention deficit whatsoever and/or you do not have time to set up an array of timers, I suggest that you buy this app. I’m a believer!

Love It!

Nice and simple app!

Great, Quick Timer!

Great QUICK timer! Does what a timer does without the distraction… Thanks!


A rare gem that nails simplicity and convenience. Jobs would be proud.

Help me to focus on current task.

Using it on my work, when I need to finish task quickly and it get me focus just on it. Keep me in pressure that task need to be done before time out.

Elegant and functional

My main requirement is that a timer be dead simple to set. Gestimer does that and has an elegant pulldown interface that is a delight to use.

Simple, elegant

Easy to use, nice design. Does everything I want, elegantly.

My Mac’s hard drive is a timer museum

I’ve tried numerous timers over the years. Gestimer is the best. When you set a timer, it shows both the duration and the time of day — this may seem like a small point, but it’s an extremely helpful feature that very few timers include. It’s fast and easy to set a reminder, it shows the remaining time in the menubar, and it's reliable. I use a different app when I need a timer to repeat. Although Gestimer lacks a repeating timer function, it deserves 5 stars for being the best overall timer I’ve ever used.

ADHD? Buy it. Buy it. Yeah, I said it twice.

This is the first time ever in my ten years of Apple fanboy life to leave a review. I made 4 reminders at 2PM today in less than a minute - 2:30 pull out laundry / 2:50 reply OOO - 3:20 take aspirin / 3:30 call OOO You do not have to: 1. ‘Remind me on day’ instead of location 2. ‘Find your time and check AM PM 3. Toggle through minutes… and so on You just need to: 1. Pull the rope 2. Type what you want.

I love this Timer!

It’s very quick and I use it all the time to do little reminders for things like checking on something that’s cooking (90% of my usage for this app is actually that). Great idea that is well implemented.


What a neat little timer thingy! Such a simple idea, and elegant design. I use this thing very often during the day. Beautiful work.

nice for quick reminders

Gestimer makes it quick and easy to set a timer, and it uses notifications to let you know when the time is up. I used notification preferences to turn off the sounds for Gestimer and opted to use an Alert when the time is up. This works great for me because it’s silent, yet the Alert stays on the screen until I acknowledge it, so I can’t miss it. I couldn’t find another app that had a silent alarm except for one that kept crashing. Note that if you want a sound, it does that by default. You can also sync it with Reminders which creates a group of reminders for Gestimer. This does let you set reminders further in the future than you can with the drag and drop which goes out about 7 hours. You could also create ones that repeat every day. The only improvement I would like is to be able to tell it to repeat the timer automatically; like when I complete this 20 minute timer, automatically start another 20 minute timer.

The most low-friction timer out there

Drag and drop, set a title, done! The fastest way to time box. I am even using it now for writing this review. It’s gorgeous, looks great with the other top menu icons, doesn’t distract and is flexible (not tied to Pomodoro 25m/5m slots). The fact it synchronizes with Reminders is fantastic. It’s not free but come on, just buying it for $3 instead of agonizing about whether it’s worth it or not should be a no-brainer. I am using it constantly.

Love this little app

It does just what I need and is well thought-out. Definitely worth the few dollars for me.

Elegant and easy to use

One of the most intuitive user interfaces, elegant design, syncs with Apple Reminders. What else could you ask for?

Can’t open

I bought this app and installed it, but it won’t open.

This app is way cool!

Ok, you know how it goes- probably half the apps you buy are hardly ever used. This little gem is not only useful but its logical simplicity makes it an easy to use which means it will get used. It won’t replace your personal calendar or to do widget, what it will do is keep your sameday short notice meetings and tasks up front so they don’t get forgotten. The kind of last minute or out of the blue annoyances that you don’t need to or want to spend time setting in your calendar.

Good GUI, limited time frame

Has potential, the GUI is great but that’s it - Can only do same day - maybe add functionality for next day/ end of week? Also add customization for viewing, completing tasks as list

Business Consultant with ADD

I’ve tried a number of gadgets for my Mac Pro to keep me on task and aware of impending deadlines. Gestimer seems to meet those needs. Simple. Unobtrusive. Helps keeps on track during presentation work on big projected screens with little interference. Nice Job

My favorite Mac timer app

Love how fun this is to use, how well it works, and how it syncs to iCloud. Great for setting a timer that will show up on your other devices!

Qucik, easy, what’s not to like?

It works, it is easy to use and effective. Well done and worthwhile. Recommended

brilliant app

love the simplicity and usefulness of this app, excellent design :)

Exactly what it is suppossed to be

simple, easy, unobtrusive.


A lot of bugs… When you show the countdown and then close it, it remains there, repeat this operation and you will see A LOT of countdowns showing in the menu bar, and when the count down is over, it simply CRASHES! And it is really a weird look when it is dragged down to the bottom of the screen!

Very convenient!

Very convenient and intuitive. I can tell this app to remind me of non-calendar items that I still need to remember to do at some point during the day. I'm a programmer; I need to have a complete focus on my coding, tend not to look at my clock, and this app helps me not to miss things.

worth the couple bucks

very cool

Delightfully and surprisingly helpful

I bought this for the novelty of the simple interaction but find myself using it surprisingly often: - check if coffee pot is done - tea has seeped - laundry’s ready - little odd reminders that aren’t worth a full-fledged task elsewhere I love Things, Reminders, and many larger task apps but this beats the expediency of them all for those little things that are too simple and take too long to capture as a proper task. My only very minor qualms: 1. The menulet icon looks too similar to the Time Machine icon. I frequently confuse the two. 2. I have to drag further than I expect to create a reminder for just a few minutes out. I always briefly wonder when it’ll start working (or why it hasn’t) by showing me the duration of the timer I’m dragging.

Great App

I'm a developer myself and I find this immensely useful! If there is a better avenue for feature requests, please let me know but it would be great to have the option to re-reminder button prompted upon the reminder time. Basically a postpone until further date option. Just a suggestion but this is by no means a detractor! You should definitely pay the very little amount of $ it costs!

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