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The UI is honed to perfection, the app “just works”, and all the little details make this a joy to use. LOVE IT.

very nice tool

epic design replaces scroll bars for ‘hours’ and ‘minutes’. pull, type and return. nothing more to do.

6 Stars if I could!

Amazing how small ideas can solve big problems. Years I have been working with tools to optimize, shorten, digitalize, personalize and modify everything I am doing in the name of „productivity“. And still, everytime I get a „Your colleague wishes you to call when you finish“, but then I call and it’s busy…what happens next? I forget! With all the customer satisfaction tools, crm follow-up tasks, and pomodoro time-management solutions, these small „don’t forget to do them“-tasks always found a loophole. Until now! This little helper actually closes the weak spot. I love it!! Never wanna live without. Plus; it’s actually so simple and cool, that I keep getting asked, what this is. Where can I donate? ;-)

Best Timer App in the world

works as it should, intuitive and refreshing interface, “fire and forget”. Love it!

Brilliant idea and execution.

This is a wonderful little menu bar utility for setting a quick timer/reminder. I love the UI and UX and it is a brilliant idea. Sure there are other ways to do the same thing, but when a developer comes up with such a unique idea, it is more than worth the few dollars to support them. This is a classic example of an app that does one thing splendidly. The way this app is implemeneted creates a new and unique way of interacting with your Mac’s menu bar. Watch the demo on the website to see how it works.

How to change time in small popup window?

Hello, I like your app, it’s good idea, but I could not manage how to add time for next day. Also once I set time, by draging, I can’t adjust time. Please make an update, right now it’s too simple for 3.49$.

Simply awesome

This is such a simple app, the only way to make it even better would be cross platform iCloud support so that no matter what device I was on, my timers would get syncced up. I love it.

Really good but...

I gave 4 stars only because the sound is not vey loud, so you wont be able to hear it being in another room and the time reminder is too little. For example, if you make reminders for tomorrow there is not enough time :( Overall very useful!

When you have a little trouble remembering…..

This app is too good to be true. It is so simple to use and does not take any time to set any kind of reminder. You can name or not name the reminder but you will get a little, in my case, extremely useful reminder.

Love it.. but.

I know it’s just a small app for quick reminders, but the dragging only allows a few hours. What if I wanted to add a next day reminder? Or a calendar appointment? I would LOVE to do that with a simple app like this instead of the cumbersome apps like Reminders or anything else. When I click on the menubar icon, it shows me a + symbol. I intuitively went there to “manually” add a reminder, but instead it showed me how I have to drag to add a reminder. Again, LOVE the app, and love the functionality of it. I would just REALLY want to get that manual option, either by actually using that + sign, or edit the time/date after I dragged it. Would be great to have this in a new update.

Cool app

But works incorrectly when the second display is connected.


Need option to set scale of timer and probably escalation. Would be amazing. Currently we have this ruler: 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, …, 59m, 1h, 1h1m, ... I want to have: 5s, 10s, 15s, 30s, …, 4m55s, 5m, 6m, 7m, …, 45m [highlghted], 46m, 47m, …, 59m, 1h [highlighted], 1h1m, …, 1h30m, 1h35m, …, 2h, 2h15m, 2h30m, 2h45m, …, 3h, 4h, 5h, 6h, … (for exact minutes — drag until Xh and wait, so you can set Xh1m, Xh2m,…] Looks really cool only with dark menu bar. Can you improve visual experience with light theme (black icon)?

Simply Fantastic!!

Set your reminder with a single mouse move. All in one gesture. Simply great! Best timer app ever used. Only two suggestion to developer : " The icon in menu bar needs to be rendered better " and "add more sounds”. Imposta il reminder con una sola mossa del mouse. Davvero una gran bella applicazione. Batte tutte le altre per immediatezza e semplicità d’uso.

Fµζκ*ηg amazing! I actually use reminders now :)

This is a perfect example of how to simplify a powerful but clunky and poorly implemented component of the apple productivity tools. I always wanted to use reminders, but clicking through multiple levels of UI and field entries made it unweildy and I never really found it worth the trouble, until Gestimer. This app has revolutionized my productivity by making adding reminders super-fast and easy without having to leave the app you’re working in, which allows me to make reminders without disrupting my workflow. This is invaluable to me in my work as a medical researcher and student - I am constantly in front of a computer reading journal articles, studying for med school lectures or tests, or writing up research proposals and papers, and when I’m in the zone anything that pulls my attention away from what I’m doing will completely disrupt my productivity - and having to leave the pdf reader or word processor to open reminders would inevitably lead me to the internet or some other distraction, which meant i never used them. With Gestimer I can just drag the icon and start typing something then get back to work in like 3 seconds. Thank you!!!

Good GUI, limited time frame

Has potential, the GUI is great but that’s it - Can only do same day - maybe add functionality for next day/ end of week? Also add customization for viewing, completing tasks as list

This app is way cool!

Ok, you know how it goes- probably half the apps you buy are hardly ever used. This little gem is not only useful but its logical simplicity makes it an easy to use which means it will get used. It won’t replace your personal calendar or to do widget, what it will do is keep your sameday short notice meetings and tasks up front so they don’t get forgotten. The kind of last minute or out of the blue annoyances that you don’t need to or want to spend time setting in your calendar.

Can’t open

I bought this app and installed it, but it won’t open.

Beautiful and encouraging!

Such a simple/satisfying interaction… perfect way to get me to actually set reminders!


Fun, playful, useful. Well done!

Beautifully simple!

What a charmingly, playful interface design. I like that it works through Notification Center in OS X so I don’t clutter up the Reminders app with simple reminders that I set for later in my work day.

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